Dear Colleagues;

Since our establishment in 2010, As the Association of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapies, we contribute to the widespread use of cognitive-behavioral therapies in our country with a great deal of training and activity and we publish the Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy and Research Journal, the first and only scientific publication body published in the field of CBD in our country. We aim to create a platform in which our psychotherapists and researchers can come together, share research results and experiences, and update the theoretical and practical information in line with our experience and knowledge that we have gained over the years, in the direction of our sharing and cooperation principles.

In this respect, we are delighted to present the 1st ACBPT Congress, which will be held in Ankara between 18-21 October 2018, with the theme of "Scientific Approaches to Psychotherapy from the Theory to Practice". Below are the main topics of the congress which will be realized with the participation of domestic and foreign educators and researchers, each of which has contributed significantly to the field of CBD. With the working groups to be organized before the congress and during the congress, participants will be able to follow current scientific developments as well as have the opportunity to increase their clinical skills. We also expect poster and verbal abstracts, as well as event suggestions such as panels, symposiums and courses on the CBD field. A second announcement regarding the details and acceptance of the proposal for the event will also be made.

We wait for your participations and contributions, we wish you healthy days.

On behalf of Congress Organizing Committee;

Prof. Dr. M. Hakan Türkçapar